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WHAT IS horoscope ? (zaicha)

Assalam oalaikum,

We know that we live in an inter-linked cosmos and human life is affected by the planets. Ilm –e-zaicha is the science of the planetary influences of human life.
Preparing a zaicha does not mean that whatever facts are revealed by the zaicha are going to actually happen. This is simply because a Zaicha cannot foretell the future. A zaicha is prepared only to get a rough idea about one’s future course in life.
Often during the rainy season the weather department makes a forecast about thunder showers. In order to protect themselves from any kind of loss, the poor people who live in houses made of mud, go to some other safe places. Similarly, some people get their umbrellas repaired to tackle the rains.
The forecast about the rains need not be 100% reliable, nevertheless people may take some precautions to protect themselves. Similarly, the forecasts made through a zaicha may not turn out to be true every time but people can chalk out some plans to protect themselves from unforeseen disasters.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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Anonymous said...

Slam I want to know about that how the stars make effect on a person.
and can u please learn me that how to read stars and how to match the stars.

A.Razzak Shaikh said...

Assalam Walaikum
Plz keep me on your site.
Allah Hafiz

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